6 Tips and Tricks For Cheapest and Easy Travel

As a young traveler, I've had my fair share of mistakes while traveling. Here are some helpful tips I wish I knew beforehand! This is my first most basic travel tip list on how to save money while traveling. I have learned and now use these things during the course of my travels.

1. Couchsurfing website

This is a way you can literally “couch surf” and travel place to place on peoples couches. It’s safe, fun and extremely cheap if you’re looking to bounce around and just need quick places nearby anywhere to stay at! Also, you get to meet lots of new people!



This mobile app allows you to get lots of cash back on in-store and mobile purchases! On simple daily things you buy day to day you can get point added up and get lots of extra cash in return. I saved this money up specifically for travel and it would add up to plane tickets!


3. Ebates

This is where I find all my coupons and cash back opportunities as well. You can find just about anything on this with the price cut in half! An awesome way to save up your money for plane tickets as well. 


4. Hotel Tonight

This is an awesome iPhone app for travel! If you are searching for a hotel to stay at for the night this tracks the best, cheapest, and closest hotel near you with the click of a button! It is different from other apps because it searches for rooms that are EXTREMELY cheap that night due to someone booking it and canceling so the price for these rooms can be cut in half and be around $60 or less! These rooms go super quick and with this app, you can now track these winner rooms down! It also may have discounts and coupons if you use the app for that hotel room. 



5. Buy tickets on Tuesday at 2 pm

Yes, this is a REAL thing. Airlines are sketchy for sure, they will change and higher the prices of flights every day. Usually, the CHEAPEST time for a flight is 2:00 on a Tuesday because purposely most people are not online looking for tickets then due to work, etc. During the weekends is the WORST time to get a flight as well as worst times to leave to go travel. Instead of booking tickets from a Sunday to Sunday try a Monday to Monday! You will save a ton of money this way! Go to that ticket you want to buy and check which day of the week it is the cheapest if not on Tuesday and then go back on that day and buy it then! 


6. Always use public transportation

I can’t stress this enough! Public transportation, buses and shuttles are KEY to travel, especially in Europe and central America. In my experience, I got to the same place for only $5 when it would be $150 for a private taxi ride. Same time, the same place.