Pros and Cons of Holi Festival in India

India, what a split between violence and beauty. Just like a rose with thorns on it, India was one of the most beautiful, unique cultures I have ever witnessed but it had flaws. There was beauty in the ways Hindi gods and goddesses were symbolized in art, music and words. The streets were showered in colors and music. Hundreds of people were out shopping at the markets in colorful saris, silk and linen. Cows, camels and decorated elephants scattered the streets. Taking all this in was like no other. It would of been perfect if it weren’t for the strange division between gender and violence and danger towards women. The streets usually were only crowded with men. Women were never seen alone. The men would be grouped in packs, like dogs, scouting the streets for trouble. The women would stay in the home and never go out, especially at night. The men during Holi were also very aggressive. They would use patting colors on strangers faces as an opportunity to touch women aggressively and inappropriately. I was once found in a situation were 10 men surrounded me and slapped colors on my face, hair, ears, mouth, and eyes. They ran after me while I tried to get away from the strange interaction. One man than grabbed me and lifted me up in the air while chanting. The physical barrier between strangers was not there. My personal space was not respected at all and I was man handled during a holiday that was suppose to be celebrating positive good spirits, happiness, joy and kindness. It was surprising that such a beautiful moment was ruined by the men. The culture and beautiful peaceful concepts in India is also ruined by the aggressive men in the streets. India would of been perfect if it were not for the mens behaviors.