Top 7 Tokyo Themed Restaurants

(ASIA)- Tokyo, Japan: 

Restaurants personal experience:

Welcome to Japan! Tokyo has the most unique restaurants and cafes then any place in the world. When visiting, I went to an Alice and Wonderland cafe. It has completely authentic decorations to the movie and the book; card knights, heart shaped trees and hedges, mirrored walls, Alice dressed waitresses, crazy checkered floors, floating tea cups and mad hatters hats, everything imaginable. Not to mention the neon colored deserts and all kinds of funky creative foods awaiting. 

1. Alice and Wonderland Themed Cafe




Check out all the funky themed restaurants and bars around Tokyo ranging from catch your own fish-dinner river restaurant to Robot bars!

Here are some more crazy themed restaurants to visit while in TOKYO, JAPAN:


2. Catch Your Own Fish Dinner River Themed Restaurant


Catch Your Own Supper! ZAUO brings a whole new meaning to fresh seafood since the diner must catch their own fish to cook for their fish dinner. 

3. HedgeHog Themed Cafe


Cuddle with these cuties while enjoying some brunch!

4. Kawaii Monster Themed Cafe


Kawaii (Japan fashion and accessory shop) turns into Kawaii Monster Café, a candy-colored venue straight out of singer and fashion model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's wildest dreams!

5. Robot Themed Restaurant

This restaurant is basically a glorified dance and drink club with shiny robots in the mix.

6. Vampire Cafe


CREEPY! Vampires, draculas, coffins, severed body parts, dark red curtains, bloody floors and ... no garlic, definitely a place that will give you a scare!


7. Alcatraz Jail Themed Restaurant


Feel like you are locked up in the real life Alcatraz jail cell!


City Rating:

JAPAN= rating 8.5/10 (Go during summer time, winter is COLD)